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Registration Requirements

  1. Phlebotomy / EKG : All students  must provide proof of a GED or high school diploma at the time of registration.

  2. CNA students are eligible for enrollment without a GED or High School diploma. Applicants should be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language at no less than a 10th grade level.

  3. You will be subject to a criminal background check by the nursing facility contracted with PAL C.N.A. Training Academy for clinical requirements.

    •  Because of the serious nature of the following offenses and close relationship to the type of work being performed, the following offenses by any court in the State of Arkansas or any similar offense by a court of another state or federal court, whether or not the record of the offense is expunged, pardoned, or otherwise sealed, shall result in permanent disqualification from future employment as a CNA and from attending PAL C.N.A. Training Academy:

    • Capital murder 

    • Murder in the first or second degree.

    • Kidnapping

    • Sexual assault in the first or second degree

    • Endangering the welfare of an incompetent person in the first degree

    • Felony abuse of an endangered or impaired person

    • Arson

      *All charges that could disqualify you from taking our classes are not listed here. If you have read the list and are still unsure whether you qualify, you must contact Headmaster. Failure to do so may result in you having to drop the class and loss of the non refundable fee.*

  4. All applicants must have a negative TB skin test or chest x-ray before acceptance into the C.N.A. program.  Negative results must be provided to the school before the first day of clinical.

  5. Applicants must pay tuition and class fees upon enrollment, or have made arrangements with the program director for a payment plan, or have an approved scholarship. If at any time a payment does not clear the bank, the student will not be allowed to continue the program and will have to make arrangements with the program director to make-up course work. 

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