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PAL'S Stackable Credentials

PAL CNA Training Academy offers a program of stackable credentials to encourage students along a career pathway or up a career ladder.  These stackable credentials are appropriate for adults who have had some college, or no college at all and who want to quickly access training in a career field.  It is also advantageous for college graduates who may need to supplement their bachelor’s degree in say, humanities, with a certificate in a more marketable occupational area. Or they may need to pick up a specific new skill as their job responsibilities grow or change.



We offer a Personal Care Aide Program that is a 40-hour course that is a non-medical course in patient care, and once completed, allows the student to work with clients in assisted living facilities or with home care agencies. This course will be offered online over the course of one week with two days in the lab to practice hands-on skills. When students successfully complete the PCA course, they are eligible for a $100.00 scholarship toward the CNA program. Seats in the CNA course will automatically be reserved for all PCA graduates who want to take advantage of this scholarship.



Our 90-hour CNA program has been very successful over the last eight years. We have trained hundreds of students to work in hospitals, long-term care, rehab, hospice, and home health.  Students graduate from the program as nurse aids and are immediately eligible to take the state’s certification exam through Headmaster.  Students in this program may be in high school, or they are attending college looking to complete a CNA course to gain patient care hours for entry into nursing, medical or physician assistant school.  We also see many non-traditional students who have completed one career and are interested in doing something different, or they are starting a new career after raising children and tending to their families. This course is taught on-ground with no online component.



The 72-hour Phlebotomy course will be offered online.  This course will be offered concurrently with the CNA and EKG technician courses.  After completing the phlebotomy course, students will meet at the school for 24-48 hours of clinical  lab to master their skills in phlebotomy procedures.   Students will be eligible to take the national certification exam in Phlebotomy after course completion. 


PAL offers a 116-hour Certified EKG Technician course that is going to be offered online concurrently with the CNA and Phlebotomy courses.  Sixteen hours will be completed in the lab so that practical application of 12-lead EKG placement can be mastered by each student. After completing this course, students are eligible to take the national EKG Technician certification exam and will be able to work in the hospital setting.


After students successfully complete the CNA, Phlebotomy, EKG, and CPR courses, they will be eligible for the Patient Care Technician certificate. Students who receive this certificate will be eligible to take the national certification exam for PCT. Students who complete all courses for PCT will have their fees paid for the PCT study guides and certification exam which is a $235.00 value.


AHA BLS CPR classes will be offered for all students. Class schedules for CPR will be announced on the school Facebook page and in class.

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